If the Seine River rises considerably (often in winter), Le Calife can cruise and use the “Bras de la Monnaie” (a tributary of the Seine that goes just beside Notre Dame Cathedral) until the water level of 1m80 at Austerlitz 

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Between the levels of 2m30 to 2m60 cruising is at the discretion of the Captain, according to the speed at which the water is rising.

Beyond 2m60 -Le Calife cannot cruise.

In exceptional and drawn-out high water levels:

Le Calife may consider cruising under certain conditions: in fact, we can consider dismantling our upper terrace so as to cruise at a water level of over 3m.

This requires several days, and of course reduces our capacity.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to welcoming you soon on board our beautiful boat!

The Management